Disruptive Technology

Disruptive Technology

The speed at which new technologies are introduced is accelerating, while at the same time innovation cycles are becoming shorter. In turn, traditional technologies and production methods are being revolutionized and replaced at an ever-faster pace. As a result, new markets are quickly emerging where developments are no longer linear but exponential.

For a long time, we have been using Uber instead of traditional taxis, asking Amazon’s Alexa to play our favourite playlist, booking our holiday home via Airbnb, reserving a hotel room on Booking.com or letting an architect guide us through our future new home using virtual reality – before even a single stone has been laid. At the same time, we can already see the imminent changes to our lifestyles to come as a result of new technological megatrends such as autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, anti-aging medicines or the metaverse. However, it's not just about revolutionary technology developments for the consumer. In the future, disruptive new technologies will also reshape the way companies work. We have been offering diversified investment solutions in the areas of e-commerce, 3D printing, Internet of Things, VR & AR, robotics and automation, blockchain, artificial intelligence and e-mobility since 2013.  

What's next? While the fourth industrial revolution is gaining momentum, new technologies are already appearing on the horizon with the potential to unleash market-changing forces and make ‘science fiction’ a reality. We are thinking of terms such as 3D hologram technology, artificial flesh, air taxis and SpaceTec. Quantum computers and the quantum internet promise such unimaginable computing power that the current potential of AI will not compare. We will be able to push the boundaries of our knowledge. Whatever the future, we are constantly on the lookout for promising technologies which harbour the potential of new megatrends for our clients.

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